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Wits & Associates
is dedicated to serving the strategic management needs of active suitors preparing to acquire private lower-middle-market businesses. Our consulting services are aligned with the growth capital strategies and return realization goals that drive global private equity. We understand that people make a business and great businesses need great value operators. To that end, we assist our clients with;

  • Fund Administration
  • Industry Benchmark Studies
  • Market-Entry Strategies
  • Purchase Price Evaluations
  • Deal Structures
  • Negotiation Parameters and Due Diligence
  • Bank Financing Arrangements
  • Business Unit Operational Planning
  • Management Team Building and Alignment with Enterprise Value Creation
  • Internal Auditing and Reporting Objectives
  • Product Development, Marketing and Sales
  • Exit Strategies

Wits & Associates offers the governance and cross-functional leadership needed to carry out control equity investments judiciously. With us, a wide array of critical resources are mobilized to enhance the managing capabilities of our fund group clients. Moving a business venture forward with Wits & Associates, guarantees due process throughout the assets entire life cycle.

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